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Duplex Spring Coiling Machine

For the heating wire of tubular heaters, we have developed the winding machine with 2-position for wires in different diameters. It has a very high product value compared with the traditional models.

1. High speed, high accuracy, exact resistance, well coaxial, smooth and flexible, winding of high quality;

2. Able to wind both single and double wires at one time, with diversified winding specifications;

3. One-step production, automatic cutting, free of manual cutting error, a great saving of labor;

4. Full set of cutters made of hard alloy, training available, 365 days a year technical support available;

5. Power : AC220V   800W   50HZ     

One worker can look after several machines at the same time, cost effective.

Using this machine together with our automatic needle installation machine can reach higher performance. Welcome to call us for more information.


Duplex Spring Coiling Machine
Duplex Spring Coiling Machine
Duplex Spring Coiling Machine
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