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How to Classify Non-standard Automation Machine?

Non-standard automation refers to non-standard automation machine customized according to customer needs. Also belonging to the field of automation, the function is an automated mechanical device designed and customized according to the requirements of the enterprise user. The operation is convenient and flexible, and the function can be added according to the requirements of the user, and the room can be changed. Currently used in the fields of industry, electronics, medical, health and aerospace.

The main industries of automation machine applications: packaging, printing, textile and assembly industries, automotive parts manufacturing and installation, automotive industry production and transportation, packaging, electronic and electrical production line product delivery. . .

(1) From the use function, it is divided into: assembly machine, testing machine, detection machine ...etc.

(2) Morphological classification:

Automated assembly line: automated assembly line drum line, belt line, chain line, drying line, assembly line, differential chain line, plug-in line, assembly line, etc.;

Automation equipment: automatic winding machine, automatic soldering machine, automatic assembly machine, automatic testing machine, automatic slitting machine, automatic laser marking machine, automatic sealing machine, automatic locking screw machine, etc.


The market demand for non-standard automation is very large, but the problem also exists. Non-standard automation equipment manufacturers are mostly small manufacturers and small teams. In order to save costs and cut corners, the quality of products is mixed. Choosing non-standard equipment design and manufacturing should find professional manufacturers.


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