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How to Do Machinery Maintenance 

The maintenance of mechanical equipment is a preventive technical guarantee before the mechanical equipment has not reached a certain degree of wear and tear. The maintenance of mechanical equipment is mandatory.In addition to daily maintenance of mechanical equipment, it is also regularly maintained to keep the mechanical equipment parts tight, lubricated and clean, reduce the wear rate of mechanical equipment, and extend the life cycle of mechanical equipment.

1. Machinery Maintenance

1) The inside and outside of the equipment are clean and tidy. The sliding surfaces, screw rods, racks, gear boxes, oil holes... etc. are free of oil. The parts are not leaking or leaking. The chips, debris and dirt around the equipment should be cleaned.

2) Tools, accessories, and workpieces (products) should be placed neatly, and the pipes and lines should be organized.

3) Add lubricant or change lubricant on time, keep lubricant, no dry friction phenomenon, normal lubricant pressure, bright lubricant mark, smooth lubricant passage, keep ubricant gun& lubricant cup& linoleum clean.

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2. Machinery Maintenance Requirements

1) Operators must be trained in advance and pass the examination.

2) Must have complete technical information, safe operating technical procedures and operating records.

3) Operators should carry out itinerant inspections at any time during duty and shall not leave their posts at will.

4) In case of abnormal situation during the operation, the duty officer shall urgently handle according to the operation rules and report the situtation in time.

5) Ensure that all indicators and safety devices are sensitive and accurate, and regularly verified. The spare equipment is complete and reliable.

6) The equipment must not be operated with fault, and any failure must be eliminated in time.

7) Do regular preventive and seasonal inspections.

8) Regularly carry out safety education for duty personnel and strictly implement safety and security system.

It is necessary to do the maintenance work for machinery equiment. If problems are found to be resolved in time, this will enable the production to go smoothly so that to save more cost. 


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